Modular Irregular Labeling On Complete Graphs

Indah Chairun Nisa(1*), Nurdin Nurdin(2), Hasmawati Basir(3),

(1) Universitas Hasanuddin
(2) Universitas Hasanuddin
(3) Universitas Hasanuddin
(*) Corresponding Author



Let G be a simple graph of n order. An edge labeling such that the weights of all vertex are different and elements of the set modulo n, are called a modular irregular labeling. The modular irregularity strength of G is a minimum positive integer k such that G have a modular irregular labeling. If the modular irregularity strength is none, then we called the modular irregularity strength of G is infinity. In this article, we determine the modular irregularity strength of complete graphs.


Complete graph; Irregular labeling; Modular irregular labeling; Modular irregularity strength

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