A Contrastive Analysis Study Between English and Macassarese in Request Sentence

Sulastri Sulastri(1*), Rizkariani Sulaiman(2),

(1) Universitas Muslim Indonesia
(2) Universitas Muslim Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26858/eltww.v7i2.15337


This study examines the English  and Makassar language request phrases. The imperative phrase of both languages from its form, purpose, and category in a sentence was studied in this analysis. The research used descriptive approach and contrastive analysis in terms of methods, the entire data were gathered by observing  and interviewing the native speakers of Lakiung dialects who still speak in their everyday communication. In the analysis, the writer outlined and compared the differences and similarities in request sentences, classified and explained  request sentences into subject, predicate, object and adverb. The results revealed that the request sentences in English and Macassarese have some similarities and differences were  found in form of sentences and the function of adverb. The differences between English and Macassarese  request sentence pattern, particularly on the element of predicate (P) in a sentence. While the similarity was S – P – O – K  and  S – P  construction.


Contrastive Analysis, Request Sentences, English and Makassar Language

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