The Role of Public Works and Public Housing Services in Infrastructure Development in East Malaka District, Malaka Regency

Adelina Seu(1*), Aplonia Pala(2), Muhammad Nur(3),

(1) Public Administration, Timor University, Indonesia
(2) Public Administration, Timor University, Indonesia
(3) Public Administration, Timor University, Indonesia
(*) Corresponding Author


This study aims to determine the role of the Malaka Regency Public Works and Public Housing Service (PUPR) Service in Infrastructure Development in Central Malacca District, Malaka Regency. The research method is descriptive qualitative. There are four focuses in this study 1). waste problems; 2). channel drainage management; 3). clean water management; 4). road network repair. The results of the study indicate that, related to the focus of the problem of waste, waste management can be defined as all activities related to waste control, collection, transfer and transportation, processing and final processing of waste by considering environmental health, economic, technology, conservation, aesthetic, and environmental factors. Other environmental factor, as for the management of canal drainage, is that in general the condition of the drainage network is not adequately available, both on main roads and in environmental units. One of the basic needs of the population that must be met is the availability of clean water. The need for clean water must be able to support the improvement of community welfare and safety. Furthermore, the last is the improvement of the road network as a land transportation infrastructure to facilitate community activities. In conclusion, the role of the Malacca PUPR Service, seen from the four research focuses, in this case, there has been a change, but not yet completed all roles have been carried out, the development needs to be further improved and there is a need for collaboration between the PUPR Service and the community.


Role; Development; Infrastructure

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