UNM Online Journal Systems

Online Journal System ini merupakan sistem pengelolaan jurnal secara online di Universitas negeri Makassar. Jurnal yang terdaftar merupakan jurnal yang terbit di bawah naungan kelembagaan Universitas Negeri Makassar.

Kontak Person Pengelola:
- Nasrul Ihsan (08134 23456 80, [email protected])
- Hartoto (081 343 865 864, [email protected])
- Ilham Bakhtiar (085299898201, [email protected])

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Nuansa Journal of Arts and Design

Nuansa Journal of Arts and Design UNM is a peer-reviewed scientific open access, with e-ISSN: 2597-405X and p-ISSN: 2597-4041 published by Visual Art Program, Graduate Program of Universitas Negeri Makassar in 2017.

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