Jurnal Administrasi, Kebijakan, dan Kepemimpinan Pendidikan

Jurnal Administrasi, Kebijakan, dan Kepemimpinan Pendidikan publishes articles on research in educational administration. JAK2P features research novelties and significance for science advancement in one of the fields of the published articles. This journal welcomes submissions from around the world as well as from Indonesia. Articles published include but are not limited to the following.

1) Educational Administration (Administrasi Pendidikan)

2) Educational Management (Manajemen Pendiidkan)

3) Educational Leadership (Kepemimpinan Pendidikan)

4) Educational Supervision (Supervisi Pendidikan)

5) Educational Innovation (Inovasi Pendidikan)

6) Educational Quality Management (Manajemen Mutu Pendidikan)

7) Educational Policy (Kebijakan Pendidikan)

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JAK2P published two times a year in, Agustus, and Februari. Published by Department of Educational Administration, Faculty of Education, Universitas Negeri Makassar collaboration with Ikatan Sarjana Manajemen / Administrasi Pendidikan (ISMAPI).